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Sue at the beach in Uruguay

Sue was born and raised in southern California, where from preschool to high school, she attended private Christian schools and then went on to attend California State University, Long Beach where she earned her B.A. in Psychology.  Currently, she’s living in Downey with her cat, Oliver and Nico (when he’s in town).  Sue is working as a part-time Administrative Assistant at the Moravian Church in Downey, and also as an In-Home Behavioral Therapist for children with autism. This fall Sue will be applying to graduate school for a M.A. program in Expressive Arts Therapy. Her dream is to one day open a community Arts Therapy Center, focused on mind-body-spirit healing and well-being.

She loves: Nico Pin, her cat, dancing, traveling (especially the UK), musical theatre, red velvet cake or anything pumpkin flavored, going to flea markets, anything vintage, reading (particularly about history, psychology & religion), mixed media sculpture, repurposed furniture, photography, and intentional community. As of lately, she’s been stalking wedding websites, slowly learning Spanish from her clients and has been busy doing DIY wedding projects in her spare time.

Nico in Ottawa, Canada.

Nico grew up in Rosario, Argentina. From a young age he attended a private bilingual school and then went on to a technical high school (his english is perfect). After high school, he attended an Engineering program for three years, but decided that it wasn’t for him and instead followed his heart, on to study Photography, Communications and, fast forward a few years, to become a graphic designer specializing in web design. His favorite part of his job is that he gets to spend all day at home in his pjs. On the side, Nico is also an amateur photographer who is rarely seen without a camera and is also an avid cyclist who has ridden his folding bike in five different countries.

He loves: Sue Gauthier, traveling, reading, music, his watch collection (of two, for now…), vintage cameras, cycling, chocolate, researching obscure topics that he finds fascinating, hideous shoes and sports coats (Sue wrote that! I must add I bought those in London and they’re awesome! —Nico), film and good beer.

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