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  1. Tiffany Robertson
    31 de August de 2011

    Sue you are a beautiful woman and God has surely blessed you with a handsome man! Many blessings on your life together!

  2. Christie M-G
    31 de August de 2011

    You two bring so much joy to the world! Officiating your vows will be an honor! Bless you both.

  3. Anónimo
    31 de August de 2011

    Congratulations to both of you.

  4. Cat
    31 de August de 2011

    Hey, what a great way to share around the world…. Looking forward to hearing all the news…

    Great site so far… needs more content 😉

  5. jules
    31 de August de 2011

    WOOOHOO!! this is awesome! i’m so proud of you guysss! <3

  6. Hamish
    31 de August de 2011

    I wish you guys all the happiness in the world 🙂

  7. Javier Blankleider
    31 de August de 2011

    Felicitaciones Nico!!! Me pone muy contento recibir esta noticia tuya!

  8. Kipp & February
    31 de August de 2011

    Your photos are so gorgeous!! And you too are so cute together. We are excited for you both to have found love in each other and wish you a life-time of happiness and companionship. Congratulations and Best Wishes <3

  9. Liliana Pin
    31 de August de 2011

    Que lindo!!!! que alegria!!!! espero que sean muy felices.Ojala podamos ir a compartirlo con Uds .Besosss

  10. Jill Astmann
    31 de August de 2011

    Aw, I’m so happy for you! Let’s talk soon! xoxo

  11. Laura
    1 de September de 2011

    Ayy! Nico! no puedo creer que te cases, eras tan chiquito!! Felicidades

  12. Beth Wolfe
    1 de September de 2011

    YAY!! I’m so happy for you Miss Sue!

  13. Marko Kulik
    1 de September de 2011

    Congrats to the both of you, you cuties!

  14. Rut
    2 de September de 2011

    Felicitaciones!!!! que buena noticia.Les mando un beso enorme, te quiero mucho y que sean muy felices!!!!!! ( tu prima- abuela)

  15. Cutrer Family
    19 de September de 2011


  16. Amy Torres
    23 de September de 2011

    The two of you are a beautiful couple. I am so excited about your wedding.

  17. Jonathan and Carly Korn
    27 de September de 2011

    This site is amazing, but not as amazing as you two! Cheers to you and happy planning!

  18. Marilyn Owen
    30 de October de 2011

    from The Truelove–by David Whyte

    “There is a faith in loving fiercely
    the one who is rightfully yours,
    especially if you have
    waited years and especially
    if part of you never believed
    you could deserve this
    loved and beckoning hand
    held out to you this way.”

    Wishing you both a full, rich soulful journey together.

  19. Mike”y”
    17 de November de 2011

    Words alone can not describe the beauty that the both of you bring to this world. You are two very special people that put true meaning to the word “extraordinary”. Nico and Sue, I want you to know that I love you both. You are awesome friends and I see nothing but greatness when it comes to you two.

  20. Daniele Rossi
    25 de November de 2011

    Awesome website and invitation to match! Oh, yeah, congratulations, too 😉

  21. tios MaCristina-Jorge
    3 de December de 2011

    Estamos muy felices de su amor y su nueva vida.
    Los amamos….!!!!!

  22. Dominic and Kay Castro
    18 de December de 2011

    How exciting to be planning your wedding. Our congratulations to you both. We look forward to the beautiful event.

  23. Laura Blumberg
    30 de December de 2011

    Hi Sue and Nico, looking forward to your wedding! I hope all the planning is going well. Sue, we missed you at our last Dreamers meeting, but I know you had wedding things to do!

  24. Steve and Janine
    3 de January de 2012

    Congratulations and best wishes to you both!

  25. Lisandro
    14 de January de 2012

    Felicitaciónes Nico!! Ya le avisé a Sue que te dijera que la ceremonia era media hora antes así no llegabas tarde!

  26. Kathy Wilburne
    23 de February de 2012

    Congratulations to you both, and best wishes for a joyful and creative life together. Sorry that we were unable to attend, but look forward to seeing wedding pictures when they are posted. God bless and happiness always!

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